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Pdf mail, Print preview
  • vdhovejsvdhovejs March 2010

    I have upgraded to the new Simple Invoice ver. Now I can not send out mail, And if it does go out the Attachment is blank. If I do a print preview it is also blank. PLEASE help!!!

  • bmcgonagbmcgonag March 2010

    So, are you saying that the pdf generated is blank? Or you are looking at the attachment in print preview? Or the actual print preview of the Invoice is blank?

    What system are you running on ? Windows, linux, os x?

    This info could help out in helping you out.


  • vdhovejsvdhovejs March 2010

    Hi bmcgonag

    I am running Windows XP and Yes the actual print preview and the attachment are blank, even if I save it to file, the file is also blank.

  • mvandorpmvandorp June 2010

    I have exactly the same issue. I'm on Debian Linux, Apache2, PHP5, SI2010.1 stable, MySQL5 (on different server).

    I did install the gd and xls libraries (php5).

    If I choose 'print preview', I get a nice, empty page. If I choose 'export to PDF', I get a nice, empty HTML-page (no PDF!).

    Any pointers?


  • mvandorpmvandorp June 2010

    I 'solved' it already: The 'cache' dir was missing. I created it, and gave the user apache2 was running as, write access.

    During installation, I got an error 'the tmp/logs/' dir was not writeable, which I fixed. I assumed this folder was also used as cache, but apparently not.

    TIP: Can that empty cache directory be added to the install zipfile (with drwxrwxrwt as rights, perhaps)?


  • justinjustin June 2010

    thanks marcel

    in the beta for 2010.2 it now checks if the cache dir is writeable and errors if its not

    re zip - will look into it


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  • ielogicielogic February 2013

    An old discussion but I thought I'd add to it because I had the same problem - blank print preview and pdf export - but different solution.

    I moved from a Linux set-up to a Windows set-up and brought my SI database with me. The "blank" problem was caused by referring to a Default Invoice Template (under System Preferences in SI) that didn't exist in the new Windows set-up. I'd forgotten to copy this over from the Linux set-up. Once I copied over the appropriate directory the "blank" problem disappeared (if that's not a non sequitur).