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Customer Login Area Available for testing
  • countrygirlcountrygirl April 2010

    I have a very simple customer area, right now what I have is a client login which has a remember me feature and a forgot password link. Once logged in you are brought to a screen that shows the total amount billed, the total payments received and the current balance for that customer. There is also a pay now button beside the balance that goes directly to paypal for your customer to pay their balance owing. There is also a page where they can see a summary of all of their invoices and a pdf button they can click on to view their invoices. There is also a page where they can see all of the payments that they have made. On each page there is a header that says "you are logged in as" and then the customer's username, and "Not username? logout". That's about it for now, but i'm still working on it. I have added username, password and usertype columns to the database. I have created a stripped down version with all of my information removed so you all are welcome to use it until the simple invoices guys have the customer area added into the software which will be much better than mine and is what I will be using in the future as well. I have included in the package a text file with step by step instructions on how to get it up and running, I have also commented within the code where you would put your html for your website if you would like to wrap it with your web sites look and feel or you can use it the way it is. I'm just not sure how to get it to you guys. Justin is there a spot on this web site we can use to host it or should I host it on my own web site for download?

  • usvi4meusvi4me April 2010

    countrygirl, very interested in this. Can you email to letty at please.

  • justinjustin April 2010

    hey countrygirl

    sounds great!!

    you should be able to edit this wiki page

    or just email me - and i'll upload for you


    justin :: Simple Invoices hosting | :: Simple Invoices custom development |
  • countrygirlcountrygirl April 2010

    I have emailed it to you and have upgraded to the new beta version 2010.2 and it still works YEAH!!

  • justinjustin April 2010

    thanks countrygirl!!

    i've uploaded your file and details to this wiki page:


    Justin :: Simple Invoices hosting | :: Simple Invoices custom development |
  • imzimz April 2010

    Excellent, I have installed this, was very easy to do and works like a treat, thank you!

  • justinjustin April 2010

    great to hear it worked imz - thanks for the update


    justin :: Simple Invoices hosting | :: Simple Invoices custom development |
  • kierankkierank May 2010

    Please help, I have uploaded your client area but cant seem to get it working, it seems to show php tags instead of the data.
    Invoices Date Issued Invoice Number Total Invoiced Amount View Invoice
    "; echo " {$inv_date} "; echo " {$record['invoice_id']} "; echo " $invoice_total "; echo " "; echo " "; echo "
    "; $row++; } ?>
    This is what I get

  • Kierank --

    Open each file and make sure <?php is written and not <? that might solve your problem. Thanks<br />

  • kierankkierank May 2010

    thanks for you help I checked that and it all looks ok. I have this in my php error log.
    PHP Notice: Undefined index: doLogin in C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\Bin\webapp\SBS Web Applications\invoices\client\index.php on line 5

    Still cant get it to work.

  • kierankkierank May 2010

    you can view the error I am getting here.

  • jmruasjmruas May 2010

    I get no error there...
    May be a reupload...

  • kierankkierank May 2010

    do you not get this in the left hand side of the screen

    "; } ?>

  • kierankkierank May 2010

    can you try and login with username test passwod test

  • kierankkierank May 2010

    Never mind I got it sorted just like easyrider439 said. Thanks Man.

  • sumiteksumitek May 2010

    i have been reading the wiki page as done by justin, and i have a question...
    given that admin must export the pdf's and upload and save somewhere, is it possible to do this using cron?

    i dont like to work much so automation is preferred :)

  • justinjustin May 2010


    you could write something to do that

    1 - query for all invoice ids

    2 - loop through from command line and wget the PDF to a directory
    wget http://simpleinvoices-pdf-export-url ..


    justin :: Simple Invoices hosting | :: Simple Invoices custom development |
  • Hi everybody,

    I used this app, it´s an excellent contribution Countrygirl IoI Congrats!!!

    I needed to have two option: view and export to PDF the invoice. The system just can show a PDF file if this is previosly upload.

    So I made this changes (to view and export to PDF):

    echo "";
    echo "{$inv_date}";
    echo "{$record['invoice_id']}";
    echo "$invoice_total";

    echo "{$record['invoice_id']}&format=print' target='_blank'>";
    echo "View Invoice";

    echo "{$record['invoice_id']} &format=pdf' target='_blank'>";
    echo "PDF File";
    echo "";

    with both changes you can obtain a view incoice and PDF incoice at the moment (not generating and after uploading to the Client Area system)


  • This changes must be on myinvoices.php

  • craigshaddickcraigshaddick August 2011

    What a great app!

    Just a small query, Im trying to develop this so that a customer can login and see their outstanding invoices as a seperate page, and pay them individually as well as the total option on the front page.

    Obviously this already has a page with a list of all invoices and a list of invoice payments so must be a way of merging them.

    Basically my thinking is it would have to bring in the si_payments and si_invoices tables, if there is an ac_inv_id in si_payments matching the invoice_id in si_invoices don't show the row...

    I'm guessing I can't be the first to think of this so has anyone developed this?

  • mattantwestmattantwest September 2011


    You can (well sort of) get access to outstanding invoices using the debtors reports however I think that you are right, SI does need a dedicated page for outstanding invoices that follows the same format as the manage invoices page.

    I don't think that anybody has coded this up yet but it should be added to the todo list.

    - Matt

  • craigshaddickcraigshaddick September 2011

    Thank you for your answer Matt, ideally it would be a good addition to this customer area so customers can view their invoices to pay though rather than being in the actual SI system...
    Thanks again for the response

  • mattantwestmattantwest September 2011

    Hi Craig,

    There is still a lot of work to be done to implement the customer login into the core of SI for future releases, but I would think that this feature will be available once it is all done.
    If you have any other ideas of features that you would like to see in Simple Invoices please feel free to post them here in the forum or in the developers group at


  • JayJay December 2011


    I am getting following error. When I loged in with username and passward

    Unknown column 'username' in 'where clause'

    Please help,

  • JayJay December 2011

    Its resolved ...........Thank You

  • mpitalianmpitalian December 2011

    Hey all, I am working with version 2011.1 stable and I have the following error on top of the customer login page:

    Notice: Undefined index: doLogin in /var/www/
    I have also created a test user account and password and then get redirected to the site address:

    and it has the same error quoted above in the page as well.

    I have checked that <?php is on top of all files with a php extension and still not working.<br />
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead of time !!!!

  • modirmodir December 2011

    Do you have some programming knowhow and could you test the trunk version? I solved many of those errors.

  • mpitalianmpitalian December 2011

    I have some programmIng knowledge but limited since its been a while ... But not sure how I would check the trunk version?

  • modirmodir December 2011

    Here are some instruction how you get the trunk version:

  • mmmsabeelmmmsabeel November 2012

    client area is great.

    i have installed and works great, but only 1 error i get on the current balance calculation.

    total invoices : 298,000
    total payments :200,000
    current balance : 98

    but it should be 98,000 and not just 98.

    any idea ?

    thank you

  • red281gtred281gt November 2012

    mmmsabeel, i found a solution to the problem, Edit myaccount.php.



    $total_bal = $total_invoices - $total_payments;
    $total_bal = $total_subinvoices - $total_subpayments;

    Hope this helps!

  • mmmsabeelmmmsabeel December 2012

    thanks matt,

    i had already done this by myself and it works now. i have just seen your comment so wanted to thank you for your support.

    to download the invoice through client area, i tried to modify the code in myinvoices.php as
    href='{$record['invoice_id']}&format=pdf' target='_blank'>";

    but it did not work since i had to login to SI to run this task.

    so i suggest you to simply add this client area inside SI and make a user that can access only the client area.

    Thanks Sabeel