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Quote, Statement, Invoice
  • kahn39kahn39 May 2010

    Currently & still using 2008-06 and it's still doing well enough. I tried upgrade to 2009 as well as new install of 2009 awhile back. Not good.
    Basically if you improved 2008 to where Quotes & Statements did NOT add to a Customer total $ owed I would not be typing this.
    Currently if I make a Quote it appears as an Invoice and is 'Due'. If the customer does not want the work done, I have to go into the Quote=Invoice
    and 'Zero' it to get a true total. Same for Statement.

    Keep up the Good work

  • i dont think this issue has ever been addressed, im using the latest SVN and the same issue is present, i managed to make some modifications to solve the filtering issue, but it still adds to "total due" and still shows up in any reports, a proper fix for this would make my day

  • justinjustin May 2010

    hey guys

    in the latest beta releases if you edit the invoice preference and put the status to draft then and quotes or whatever you create based off this invoice preference 'should' not be reported in Customer Total $ etc..

    note: i say should because there may be a few places where i haven;t updates the sql



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  • just fyi
    the biller sales reports still show sales if the quotes are set as draft.

  • justinjustin May 2010

    - thanks, will review and fix


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  • justinjustin June 2010


    this has been fixed - will be in 2010.2 beta 7


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  • great, thanks Justin.

  • justinjustin June 2010

    no worries :: Simple Invoices hosting | :: Simple Invoices custom development |
  • NickElliottNickElliott October 2010


    Just to pick up on this, in version 2010.2 Update 1 there are some areas where documents with a status of 'draft' are included in Customer Totals:

    - Invoice List. Draft documents display a value in the 'Owing' column
    - Document Quick View. The 'Financial Status' section at the bottom of the view still includes values from draft documents.
    - Several Reports; 'Statement of Invoices', 'Biller Sales by Customer - Totals', 'Debtors by amount owed', 'Total owed per Customer', 'Total by Aging periods' all include values from draft documents.

    In my case 'draft' documents are Estimates or Quotations which I don't want reported as actual Sales.

    Hope this makes sense,


  • maxbarnormaxbarnor October 2010

    now simple invoice is great for me but i have realized that a draft invoice like a proforma which set as draft is subtracting the quantity from the inventory, i suggest that only real invoice should be subtracting and in the sales report too, some draft invoices still shows up in the sales report as if it is a real invoice. could there be an easy way for me to try my hands on it the to change those?

  • daydahdaydah January 2013

    I am using version 2011.1 and I still have the issues above: Draft Status is still being added in Customer Totals, and in several Reports. Nick [above] captured it precisely.
    Please help as I am also deploying this for a client.

  • togradytogrady February 2013

    Quotes also show up in total owed report and in invoices "due". This is the case even though I have made quotes to be "draft".