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PDF on WAMP Server?
  • reneschaubreneschaub August 2010

    Hi all. Im not able to generate PDF Files on my local WAMP Server for testing. I think i need some additional and modify the php.ini right?

  • justinjustin August 2010

    hey rene

    you can try using xampp or refer :

    you need php-gd installed/enabled to make PDF work

    let us know hwo you go


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  • rocklanderrocklander February 2013

    I'm interested to see if this started working (or anyone has gotten this working). I was having similar issues as described here( so installed WAMP but find it far less suitable to my needs than XAMPP (I prefer the configuration interface on XAMPP and also can't get phpmyadmin accessible via hostname/local net which is kinda important to me, and can/could do that on XAMPP). so if there's a known working solution to get SI working (including PDF) on XAMPP I'm keen to know... thanks in advance.