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Print Product list
  • ykolabhaiykolabhai November 2010


    Here is an idea, under products have a print button to print the the product list. You can also place a email button to to email a pdf copy of the product list to your clients/customers


  • mattantwestmattantwest November 2010

    Hi Yusuf,,

    This sounds like it might be a useful feature for some people.
    What sort of info would you like to feature in the list? (e.g. product id, name, price)

    I'd be interested to know what everyone else thinks about this.


  • ykolabhaiykolabhai November 2010

    HI Matt

    Product list is what I would give to my customers in print form or pdf form.
    The Product list should have is the following:

    my company details on top with company logo and the following fields

    product id
    price b4 tax (optional)
    tax (optional)
    price after tax


  • ShaheedShaheed November 2010

    Hi Mat
    A product list would be great, if you can include an export to excel with all the product data then we can manimulate the data there.

    currently I am copying the product data into excel then print to PDF so I can have a list of producs with the quantities available for my customers


  • mattantwestmattantwest December 2010

    I really like the idea, I think it would definitely be a useful feature.
    I will try and have a go at this in the next week or two. It's on my todo list for SI.

    I'll keep you posted.