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Using apostrophes and other characters
  • AlexJAlexJ December 2010

    I have trouble when using apostrophes. If I type something like customer's, it turns into customer\'s. And with every step it goes for editing, converting to pdf, etc, more \ are added and we end up with something like customer\\\\\'s.

    Same happens with any special characters, like umlaut and accents.

  • denisgomesdenisgomes December 2010

    No problems with accented (brazilian portuguese) characters here, but I haven't tried it with apostrophes.

  • ryangusryangus May 2012

    I also have this problem - any fixes?

  • SullySully August 2012

    I'm also encountering this problem when sending an email invoice. If a developer could just take a moment to explain which file and where to escape the apostrophe in the PHP it would be a huge help. Here's a recent example:

    "Hi [Customer],

    I noticed our quote sent yesterday didn\'t include the phase three changes we discussed, so please excuse us and here\'s a better copy (attached).

    We\'ve got your instruction document. I believe the only other thing we need now is your authorization to go forward.


  • SullySully December 2012

    I am bumping this thread although it is not good habit because I do not have an answer yet on this problem and it is bothering me to type messages like this without apostrophes. It is making me feel like some kind of robot and I do not like that and though it is probably seeming otherwise, I am not good at it either.

  • mattantwestmattantwest December 2012

    This is a bug caused by some security updates that were added to SI.
    I've filed a bug on the issue tracker.

  • mattantwestmattantwest December 2012

    Which version of Simple Invoices are you using?

  • SullySully December 2012

    Thanks for the tracker link, mattantwest. I'm using version 2011.1