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PayPal and godaddy shared hosting? - Post 3
  • jgoodbandjgoodband January 2011


    Im starting to pull my hair out here! I have not been using SI for that long and have had everything working (except recurring invoices CRON with godaddy - but never mind). Previously I have been able to send PDFs with a paypal link, have them paid and automatically marked off in SI as being payed.

    This has now stopped working - all I have done is change my Paypal primary address and I have also changed this in the biller settings. I thought Paypal was getting confused so I deleted all other email addresses associated with the account.

    Now I am not getting any confirmation of money received emails from Paypal, but the money is showing as being in my PP account. The redirect after payment is still working as it should.

    Just wondered if anyone else is having any issues? I have been round and round checking settings etc and on these forum, I have even 'installed a fresh install of SI' re inputting all the settings etc with no luck.

    Is this most likely due to my PP account being screwed or changed somehow or the SI settings?

    I hope someone can help!

    Thanks, James

  • jgoodbandjgoodband February 2011

    If anyone else is experiencing problems or not it would be very helpful just to know either way? Im guessing as the forums aren't swamped its probably just me. Im beginning to wonder if its my paypal account.

  • jgoodbandjgoodband February 2011

    After trying all the settings possible, I have contacted godaddy about the issue and after the 'senior tech support guy' spent half an hour googling they said that Paypal IPN, which is what SI uses (i think) is NOT compatible with any of their shared hosing options. (without a work around - some ecommerce forums have posted solutions specific to their systems using cURL, but my knowledge is not that good and i have no idea what this is)

    Looks like i will have to go with out the api-paypal notification unless anyone here knows any better than me?

    Thanks James