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Thought / Idea, template Change
  • January 1970 Edit

    I got an invoice the other day of a company requesting payment, which isn't very new in itself however They have at the bottom, a little slip which has cut marks on it containing my account number, amount outstanding and payment terms/information, I considered this a good idea so people can get the cheque or what ever to you via payment and you know exactly who its from.

    As its basically repeating information within the invoice I don't know how hard it would be re-create the layout/situation bearing this in mind?

  • justinjustin April 2007

    Hey Stuart,

    yep - ive seen those type of invoices before and they can be handy. soon the invoice templates will be alot easier to modify (over the next couple of releases), also i plan to add a mods subforum where people can upload their template,changes etc for sharing

    once all this is done im sure will be able to do this no worries


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  • sketch42sketch42 December 2012

    any word on this?