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Translating: Certain terms
  • mjjzfmjjzf March 2011

    I am working on a Danish translation of Simple Invoices. I saw that there was an existing one - but it seems to have been unmaintained so long that only half is translated. So off I go.
    There are things, however, where I need a bit of assistance.
    * 'Consulting' and 'Consulting style' - what do these refer to? I have never seen them in the interface.
    * 'Credits' - does this refer to the people who have contributed, or is it like a store credit?

  • dddddd March 2011

    'Consulting' and 'Consulting style' : have been discontinued I guess
    Credits : contributor like in disclaimer

  • Casper0219Casper0219 January 2013

    Did u manage to make an updated translation of the Danish one?