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Suggestion: invoice due date
  • beattiebeattie June 2011

    Is it possible to add some code so that the invoice payment due date shows up automatically?

    For example:
    Payment Terms: 7 Days
    Invoice due date 7 July 2011

  • beattiebeattie July 2011

    I found the solution here and was able to get it working using tecjam's solution:

    However there is a drawback. When I create a quote it says "Due date: 7 July 2011etc" which is not applicable for a quote. Does anyone know if there is a way to nominate different templates for specific invoice groups such as a "quote template" for quotes, an "invoice template" for invoices etc? Could this be achieved maybe by making changes to the settings/preferences files or would it be better to use the same template for all invoice groups but edit the due date php code in the post above to something like "if preference_description value is equal to 'Invoice' then echo 'due date 7 July 2011' else do nothing" (sorry I can't write php code!).

  • dumnewdumnew September 2011

    pls explain to dummies:

    tecjam's method.
    1. after saving tecjam's code to si/templates/invoices/default/plugins/ folder as
    or function_due_date.php

    2. only add
    {due_date date=$ days=14}
    to templates.tpl and that is it.

    it results in a blank page.

  • suwisionsuwision October 2012


  • santoshsantosh October 2012

    As dumnew suggested, please explain to dummies.