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Mite time tracking support
  • terweyterwey September 2011


    I've been using SimpleInvoices for a while now (but I do suspect it's an old snapshot... but afraid to upgrade ;)) and it's really nice but I am missing some simple things that would make it a lot easier for me.
    How about intergration with Mite for time-tracking? I'm currently using Mite to track my time for customers and get really nice reports. Mite has some really nice API's we can talk to.
    However I do not want to fork SimpleInvoices, implement it and see no way of merging it back to the existing code. So that's why I ask here first to see if there's an existing developer interested in helping me out with this.

    I code PHP myself so that's no issue and certainly can lend a hand to make SimpleInvoices more powerful (for the users that need it, cause I'm still lacking some ;))

  • mattantwestmattantwest September 2011

    Hi @terwey,

    The best way to implement this would be to try and add it in as an extension. Refer to the documentation about extensions here:

    If you build an extension and package it all up it can then be added in to future releases of SI. As the majority of simple invoices users will not need this feature I would be a bit hesitant to add it in to the core system but it would work well as an extension.


  • terweyterwey September 2011

    Hi @mattantwest,

    I'll take a look at that page and see if I can do something with it. I'll just have to make a local copy first haha :)
    What's the normal way of contact for dev's of SimpleInvoices to reach each other? I tried most (big) IRC networks but didn't find anything.

  • modirmodir September 2011

    Hi @terwey,

    Dev's usually communicate over It is not the best thing but it works. Depending on the situation we sometimes communicate directly within the issues:

  • jacksimjacksim February 2012

    Why not use a dedicated time tracking software for this one? I've figured it's the only way at the moment. I would love to have this feature anytime soon though. For the meantime, the software I use fits our needs and increases our productivity. So, I'm okay with that.

  • Michael26Michael26 January 2013

    Instead of integrating different software platforms, it is better to use all in one time tracking software solution. I am happy with my cloud based time clock system.