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  • casparkscasparks December 2011

    Please help... I am trying to install the product matrix extension, in the gui I register the extension then enable it, it then throws out the whole display with a text list view on the left I then have to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the normal simple invoices menu I am running 2011.1 version is there something I am missing as this would be a massive advantage in pushin simple invoices to printing companies

  • garyohanlongaryohanlon December 2011

    I have the same problem, not to worry though I'm sure it will get resolved

  • casparkscasparks December 2011

    HELLO!!!???? ANYTHING!!!?

  • modirmodir December 2011

    I don't know this extension. But maybe I can help. Do you have any error messages in the web server logs or on the screen?

    Or can you upload a print screen to e.g. flickr and link it here? Maybe this helps me too.

  • casparkscasparks December 2011

    Thanks for your response... when activating the product matrix extension it throws out the display as shown in the screen shots which can be found here

  • casparkscasparks December 2011

    Sorry to log in: user: genftp
    pass: ftppass

  • modirmodir December 2011

    Those are not error messages... they are just rendering problems. I will discuss this in the developer forum what we should do with such extensions.

    I will keep you updated.

  • casparkscasparks December 2011

    thanks... was starting to feel a little neglected, I'm no developer but if steered in the right direction I can usually sort most things out

  • casparkscasparks January 2012

    any developmemnt on this issue?

  • modirmodir January 2012

    No not a lot. We are still discussing on several topics around extensions.

    But if you want to work on it yourself. This forum thread would help you with it:

  • saurabhpatilsaurabhpatil September 2012

    Hi. This rendering issue has not been sorted out. Please help. The software does not render properly after enabling extension.