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Custom Invoice Template: “Nebraska”
  • simaneksimanek February 2012

    I was a bit disappointed that the default invoice style didn’t resemble the illustration on the SimpleInvoices homepage. And, after seeing that the template for the page was entirely constructed in tables, I went about creating a new HTML invoice template that mimics that template illustrated on the homepage.

    (At least, the HTML-based print preview didn’t look that way. Maybe the export to PDF is a different story, but that functionality isn’t available to me.)

    Since a template needs a name, I named this invoice template after my home state for now. I’m sure it’s not perfect, but it’s well-suited to my needs. Let me know if there are things that could be improved. You can download the files here:

    Image of template in use:

    Old version:

    You can read a much more detailed and helpful post on my site, as well as get a newer version of the template here:

  • modirmodir February 2012

    Hi, we already have an issue regarding this:

    The tables are needed at the moment because of the PDF library.

    I will check out your template later.


  • simaneksimanek February 2012

    Thanks for the tip on the bug ticket. I will consider trying to help with that. But tables are necessary for the PDF library? Sounds odd. If the PDF output is merely acting as a virtual printer from the HTML + CSS invoice, that shouldn't be the case.

  • simaneksimanek February 2012

    Looks like SimpleInvoices uses the html2ps and html2pdf libraries. From this: it looks like the basic CSS I used for controlling my template should work fine. But I haven't bothered to install a local web server and all the tools to test the PDF output.

    The tricky thing about that ticket is going to be positioning the address box. However, if there is a certain number of standard sizes and positions it could be just a matter of changing the class on that element and having specific properties defined in the CSS.

  • modirmodir February 2012

    Well.. there is actually more about the positioning. Since a html page can be infinite and a PDF page can not, you will always have some calculation problems. E.g. How do you define an element which will span over two A4 pages?

  • simaneksimanek February 2012

    Right. That’s a good point. But I guess I don’t see how using tables helps with that. I'll see if I can come up with anything. The activity on that bug ticket is a few months old. Don't know how much more time I have at the moment either, but maybe we can get a dialog going.

    Thanks for you feedback and help today!

  • justinjustin February 2012

    hey simanek

    can you post a link to a screenshot?


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  • anthonyganthonyg June 2012

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  • SimonJSimonJ June 2012

    simanek! Thank you for this, it is a great starting point. :)

  • Casper0219Casper0219 January 2013

    How do i get this text aligned? see picture

    And thank you for the template.

    And how is it possible to insert a logo ?

  • simaneksimanek January 2013

    @Casper0219 - Could you look at the source of the output and tell me what class/id that element has? It's apparently not something that I am using for my own invoices and as a result I failed to style for it. Sorry! Also, I think your logo question will be answered by my more in-depth post on my blog:

    Sorry for the delayed response!