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CSS Not working in Chrome
  • holdsworthdesignholdsworthdesign February 2012

    The interface for SimpleInvoices just suddenly stopped working in Chrome. It works fine in Firefox and other browsers. In Chrome it looks like the tab and menu CSS isn't working. As well, the grids aren't showing up.

  • mattmatt February 2012

    did you update chrome? Can you roll back?
    Have you changed/upgraded an add-in?

    Outback Australia
  • holdsworthdesignholdsworthdesign February 2012

    That's the weird thing. I don't recall upgrading or anything unless Chrome did that by itself. I've only just started using it as my main browser, so I'm a little unfamiliar with how it performs updates.

  • JohnMCJohnMC March 2012

    i havnt seen anything strange happen with chrome, are you still seeing this issue? have you tried clearing browsing data/cache?

  • Yep, clearing the cache did it for some reason... weird. Thanks!