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Adding a Timepicker to jQuery UI Datepicker
  • abhistersabhisters March 2012

    I am trying to add timepicker to the Datepicker , I'm not muck of a jquery expert so any suggestion as to what can me done or any easier workaround ??

  • jasminerosejasminerose April 2012

    This is jas.. I am newbie to this forum.. i will get new information through this..

  • shadowfaxshadowfax April 2012

    Abhister, there is a jQuery plugin with time picker on the date picker...

    If you're using the current release it's a bit difficult as you should update jquery, jquery-ui, tweak CSS as it will break the display, adjust the jquery template, remove duplicates from jquery-plugins and once jquery and jquery-ui are running again it should be easy.

    The trunk version has already updated this libraries but it's unstable right now.... and I think we've got some problems to fix to allow upgrading.

  • shadowfaxshadowfax April 2012

    By the way, Where do you wish to add the time picker? and what reason is there to do so?
    Could be an interesting feature?

  • abhistersabhisters December 2012

    @shadowfax sorry for the late reply , I have been working anyways I was tryin to put the time component so that we can put invoice date as well as time as it an standard.