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We need your help to keep Simple Invoice alive!
  • justinjustin July 2012

    Hi Guys,

    To help kickstart active development of Simple Invoices (which hasn't had a major release in over 2 years) Justin Kelly (Founder) and Matt West (SI project admin) need to raise some cash to support continual development.

    We are looking to raise money through monthly subscriptions from SimpleInvoices supporters.

    Available subscription amount $5 / $20 / $100

    We really want to keep Simple Invoices alive and make it even more awesome - we hope you do to. With your support we can make this happen!

    Why are we looking for financial contributions?'

    Both Matt and Justin are passionate Simple Invoices developers but are crazy busy with work, families, and commercial web development. Your contributions would go to ensuring that we can work on Simple Invoices and still pay the bills every month.
    To make SimpleInvoices even more awesome we need dedicated developers curating, developing, leading and supporting SimpleInvoices. Your contributions would allow us to dedicate more time to Simple Invoices to turn it into the fantastic product it has the potential to be.
    We can provide the support, stewardship and development SimpleInvoices needs but require a little finance to make it a reality.
    Simple Invoices has been downloaded well over 150,000 times, thousands of support requests on the forum and countless emails have been answered

    Matt and Justin will each commit a minimum number of hours per month dedicated to SimpleInvoices. The more subscriptions we can raise, the more hours we can commit. If we can get a decent amount of support by 1st August 2012 we'll send out subscription info and make this happen!!

    What do you get?

    A commitment from Matt and Justin to active develop Simple Invoices
    We'll push out monthly releases
    Dedicated hours to answering all support requests on the fourm
    Doing a monthly blog posts with all news and updates
    $5 gets you name on our subscribers page and in the SimpleInvoices credits
    $20 gets your name and link to your site on our subscribers pages and in the SimpleInvoices credits
    $100 get your name / company logo and link on the front page of (15K uniques per month) and all of the above

    Right now its do or die time for SimpleInvoices

    Lend a hand and sign up at the page to keep SimpleInvoice alive!



    We've had out first major corporate sponsor - thanks

    SutiSurvey :: Send surveys easy and free with SutiSurvey


    Justin :: Simple Invoices hosting | :: Simple Invoices custom development |
  • justinjustin July 2012

    omg :) the google docs permissions on the sign-up form on the support page was set to private and wouldn't display correctly - this has now been fixed

    if you have any issues with the google doc/form on the support page please post


    justin :: Simple Invoices hosting | :: Simple Invoices custom development |
  • dddddd July 2012

    I may give support since I have been happy using Simple Invoices for years but I dont' want my name exposed. Instead you can put the name of a caritative organization which will benefit the advertising more than me.

  • justinjustin July 2012

    thanks catherine - if you dont want your contribution display it wont be

    i've updated the form to include an option to enable you to select if you do or dont want your info listed

    refer updated form on the support page :

    hope this helps, let me know if you have any queries


    justin :: Simple Invoices hosting | :: Simple Invoices custom development |
  • GabeliGabeli July 2012

    I will contribute too :-}

  • justinjustin July 2012

    thanks Gabeli - much appreciated :: Simple Invoices hosting | :: Simple Invoices custom development |
  • GabeliGabeli July 2012

    I have entered the amount and other info to subscribe but nothing happends. How to pay? Bug?!

  • justinjustin July 2012

    thanks gabeli,

    at the moment we are just collecting interests - using a google form - if we get a decent level of support i'll email out real paypal links to the people who signed up

    note: assuming you entered you email address you should of been displayed the below message - let me know if you didnt

    ###### subscriptions
    Your response has been recorded.


    justin :: Simple Invoices hosting | :: Simple Invoices custom development |
  • dmcoledmcole July 2012


    While I sympathize with the dilemma of how to entice developers to continue with an software project, here's my perspective: the reason I found your plea for funding is because I had attempted to visit this site a few weeks back and found it inaccessible. This morning I ran across a blurb for an upgrade to another invoicing program -- -- and wondered whether the Simple Invoices site was back up. It was and I find this plea.

    Again, I'm sympathetic and all, but your bottom level of support is $60 a year -- and I can outright purchase Kedisoft's Totals for $40.

    My little business does 25 invoices a month, so a $5 a month donation would mean a 20-cent-per-invoice "surcharge" if I make a pledge to you.

    If you gave me the choice of a one-time donation of $25 (or maybe even $50), I might do that; I might sign up for $2 a month or even $3 a month, but $5 a month gives me pause.

    I throw more money at blog-writers and one-man software shops than most do, so I don't want you to think that I'm arguing with the principle that you should be compensated; I just think you should open up your payment plan a bit.

    Best of luck with this aspect of Simple Invoices and thanks for all the years of hard work you guys have put into it.


  • justinjustin July 2012

    thanks dmc

    greatly appreciate your comments! the form we put up is not set in concrete, if people are happier to do once off or other amounts we'll make that available

    we mainly want to see if people are interested in helping fund us to keep Simple Invoices going

    i've updated the form to allow once off payments and free text in the amount field

    thanks again


    justin :: Simple Invoices hosting | :: Simple Invoices custom development |
  • max258max258 July 2012

    I have there something really new, many changes, many bug fixes, forgotten password formula add new things.
    Statistic thru google charts and many more.
    I fix last things and I will public it there.
    Are you interested? mail me at: max.samael >

  • max258max258 July 2012

    I will be very happy, when the developers contact me and I send it for free.
    No payments, no stress only simpleinvoices and cheers :)

  • chanichani July 2012

    Don't get me wrong, I understand that time is money, buuuut: I'm unsure if "Right now its do or die time for SimpleInvoices" is something you should write. That makes me as a new user and potential supporter think "uhm. Well. If they're going to close everything down anytime soon, why should I waste my time now?". Just want to make sure, the time I spent to move to simpleinvoices (adding products, customers, etc) is not used just to notice in a few months that this won't be continued.

    That leads to the obvious question: Whats the current status? How much help were you able to get right now? Any predictions?

  • max258max258 August 2012

    I think the SI are still on the road.
    I made some improvements and I send it to the developer team, I hope, the developers allow me update and SI will be more and more better.
    Users can built some new extensions and change it to better performance.
    There is nothing extra need to develop in the core (i fix some bugs) everything else can be in most cases done with extensions and submitting the changes from users (known bugs, translations, etc).
    This software is low cost, opensource and very good.
    I use it more than 2 years and I am happy.
    There is new version prepared for mobile and tablet version (engine done, design not done yet), qr code scanner application and there can be much more...

  • auspcsauspcs August 2012

    I think the developers are not actually developing??. this software is really good. it would be a shame if its just abandoned. Max258 your a legend. your improvements are excellent.

  • justinjustin August 2012

    - great work!! - have replied to your email
    - when dev restarts we'll defintely look to include some of the components you've created

    - current status is that the software is stable and used by tonnes of people but active dev has stalled
    - we've had a good response so we'll start again

    let me know if you have any queries, thanks again for the support!!


    Justin :: Simple Invoices hosting | :: Simple Invoices custom development |
  • zartegzarteg September 2012

    Justin, I have been using SI for over 3 years. I have had a couple of questions, usually during setup that you guys answered quickly and professionally. I will definitely be a supporter of this product. In fact I think I wrote you long ago asking where your Pay Pal donate was. :) Open Source is awesome, but the support should generate some $$$, as well as the hosting. I recommend SI to anyone with a small business. What would be nice at this point, is to have a module that allows my client to sign the invoice on my tablet, but not a big thing at this point. I used to write out work orders, and when I got time type them all in and invoice later. Now I just fill out the invoice using my tablet (connected on-line) and that way the customer is emailed the invoice as I leave the job site. No paperwork waiting for me when I get home. Anyway, its fast (running on Linux MySQL) and from my experience these past few years VERY RELIABLE. Keep up the good work. I'll go check out that Google page now. :)


    Dave in Canada

  • hackNperlhackNperl September 2012

    Please continue development. I love this product. It does have some little issues and does leave some desire for features but overall this is a great application. I wanted to get involved in development at one point but I do not have the time to learn new stuff. Maybe eventually. Please make a PayPal donate button and I will send a donation. I currently do not use this in production but have played with several times over the past few years.

  • lahouideklahouidek September 2012

    I will be happy to pay, I have a great idea and we can market this to the UK market. It is industry specific. Please contact me on [email protected]

  • tunerscafetunerscafe September 2012

    Hi guys,

    I've just come across this as a project and think it's great. I am a developer of some years and am happy to contribute in any way I can. I think it's a nice product so far. I have an immediate requirement for a module or plugin that allows call records from a telephone exchange to be invoiced.

    I will be working on this module over the next few weeks and am happy to donate it to the cause if you are interested. The module will generate monthly call records and add call charges and itemised billing to SI.


  • MichaelTunnellMichaelTunnell September 2012

    I am open to contributing to SimpleInvoices because overall it looks like a decent project. I am not interested in paying a monthly fee though.

    It is not that I am cheap, I just choose what works best for me and makes the most sense to do.

    You are requesting a monthly donation of $5 (maybe but since it isn't fully polished product yet I dont like the idea of constantly paying for something not complete) then you suggest $20 a month which is the same as Freshbooks which is MUCH MUCH more polished and it is just not a fair comparison.

    So sorry if this seems like I am being negative...I'm not. I am simply suggesting that you should not depend entirely on donations. Donations are great but consider something like affiliate marketing, advertising or any other method that will allow your users to contribute without it being directly monetary because you will find a LOT more people willing to do that.

    Just an example, you could create an extension for Firefox & Chrome that would auto-credit you when people buy stuff from Amazon...I am sure people would be happy to help if all they have to do is install an addon and use their existing store sites like normal.

  • richtlrichtl September 2012

    I've been using SI at my business for two or three years. Like several others, I only create a few invoices each month, but like the program overall. I'm happy to send you $25 annually, more if I find my usage increasing and/or if the application becomes more polished. Keep up the good work!

    Kind regards,


  • mmpsolutionsmmpsolutions September 2012

    Hi Guys,

    I really like SI, and am prepared to contribute,
    ive recently established a new business, and it has been a great help.
    i do require certain features on SI, and have np payin for it,
    basically report structures, and minor changes please let me know,
    so we can get this project on a move :-)

    thanks for an awesome product

  • kartalkartal September 2012


    I would not mind donating but subscription based support is not my thing. I personally do like to run a local copy on my server.

    The main reason I went with SI in the first place was that it was not an online solution, at least I was able to install it on my server, compared to the other shiny only services.

    Anyways keep up the great work, and if I find a donate button somewhere on the site I would consider chipping in.


  • justinjustin October 2012

    thanks guys for all the support!!

    based on the response from the support form at i've emailed invoices (yes using simpleinvoices) to everyone who has committed to donating

    note: anyone who selected monthly subscription - ive sent out the invoice billed yearly - to makes things easier

    i'll get coding again to crank out some new releases asap


    Justin :: Simple Invoices hosting | :: Simple Invoices custom development |
  • renuecomputersrenuecomputers October 2012

    Justin, I just want to thank you so much for the fantastic program. This has made things incredibly easier for my business! My 20.00 donation is well worth the investment and hope to see a new version of simple invoices soon!!

    Best Regards,

    Renue Computers Osceola, Indiana

    Renue Computers -
  • peauneuvepeauneuve October 2012

    Really looking foward the new developpment of simple invoice. I'll keep you posted on extensions I've made.
  • ephetersonepheterson October 2012

    Thanks for making Simple Invoices! I'm using it now, but she definitely needs some TLC. Here's to awesome advancements in the future!

  • dom_madriddom_madrid December 2012

    Hi Justin,
    We have been looking at SI for a simple solution for us and some of our clients (SOHO). SI looks great since it allows to be hosted in our/their servers. We are willing to invest some money and time, but we need a clarification first... As far as time is concerned we can help in testing and translation (french and Spanish). The latter (time) can also be applied against the current version. On the other hand, are you working on SI again or would be our donation a lost cause.... If you working on SI again, what is the timeline/road-map so we can start working alongside.

  • ydmlogydmlog December 2012

    I refer to this thread:

    No pun intented but SI is asking for support to keep the project alive, but on the other hand, the BIGGEST issue it has stays untouched for over 2 years? Ok, let me put it this way then, I'm sure willing to help when I see RESULTS. So, I offer 200 euro by paypal for the one who speeds it up without losing functionality(!!!) + an implementation of auto reminders of overdue invoices.

    Kind regards

  • dom_madriddom_madrid January 2013

    Hi Justin,

    Could you tell us if SI is still alive as a project? You asked for your financial support - idea that was not totally rejected by a lot of us - but you did not answer the principal question. Are you going forward with the SI project or are we simply asked to give money away ?

  • CableGuyCableGuy January 2013

    I am also wondering this. SI has a lot of nice features, and I'd donate if I knew there was support. I am having issues with the date showing up at "20 2 29" and I can't find a resolution. I'd be open to supporting SI, but I would need support from the developers in return.

  • shooternlshooternl January 2013

    Hello i have a question, first of when wil cronjob work? when wil it be made so you can finaly make invoices that Recurrence. seccond thing is this stil active becouse if i read this correct you have done nothing in 2 years time. when wil there be a update?

  • shooternlshooternl January 2013

    second thing i forgot is due dates and email reminders are not include why is this why havent made some one this or is this made?

  • brandybrandy February 2013

    I already did a comment in the German category. So if help is needed I´m interested - let me know...