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Redirect to different page after processing payment?
  • lucasklucask August 2012

    Currently when I process a payment by clicking on the money icon on the main invoices manage page and hit 'save' I am redirected to the Money->Payments page. I would like to have it auto-redirect to the main page of invoices with the 'Due' option clicked so I can continue on to the next marked as unpaid invoice.

    I went to the modules/payments/save.php file and saw these items at the bottom:
    $smarty->assign('display_block', $display_block);
    $smarty -> assign('pageActive', 'payment');
    $smarty -> assign('active_tab', '#money');

    I tried changing from
    $smarty -> assign('pageActive', 'payment');
    $smarty -> assign('pageActive', 'invoices');

    and re-uploaded the file, but it didn't seem to change anything when I processed a new payment.

    I think I'm close, but I'm not sure what variables/calls I should be using or whether I'm modifying the right file. Plus I don't know how to reference 'having=money_owed' in a php file to only display the invoices that are 'due'. Thanks for any help!

  • lucasklucask August 2012

    Nobody has any input? I just can't seem to find the right place where the redirection occurs. If someone could get me to that point then I think I could take it from there- no hand-holding necessary. :)