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(Gravity) Forms & Payment Integration
  • vgbnvgbn August 2012


    I am a new user to SI and I was wondering if there is away to integrate with 3rd party form+payment solution, such as the Gravity Forms and/or PayPal,, etc.

  • Well, it's open source so you can modify SI all day if you have the expertise and are willing.

    I'm integrating with Stripe's API and things are working out quite well. I mainly chose Stripe for PCI and cost reasons.

    But yes, although I've never used them, I did read about both PayPal and Authorize.Net API's that should accommodate your integration needs (depending on your requirements) ... for the right price.

  • mattmatt August 2012

    Isn't paypal already linked in the code?

    Outback Australia
  • hosthaushosthaus December 2012


    These don't show me the year it was submitted, so I apologize for bumping what could be a really old thread. I see here that you've mentioned integrating Stripe into SimpleInvoices, and I was wondering if that was available? Or, would the integration be a paid add-on?