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Zend Mail Protocol Exception: Could not open socket
  • ibooboiboobo October 2012

    I have try many ways to config the email host setting .. yet, i got this message. could anyone help me on this issues? thanks

  • mattmatt October 2012

    what are your PHP mail settings?

    Outback Australia
  • ephetersonepheterson November 2012

    I saw this message and I had the wrong port. Make sure your server, use of authentication, port and encryption declaration are all in order. Here's mine like: =
    email.smtp_auth = true
    email.username = "[email protected]"
    email.password = "password"
    email.smtpport = 465 = SSL
    email.ack = false

  • ibooboiboobo November 2012

    Thanks pal I have make it