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Reports... are data coherent?
  • berniberniberniberni November 2012

    I'm using SI and my database is big big big... there are many invoices, orders, payments, etc.. 3 years of hard work.

    I have some problem with the reports: reports that looks similar, gives very different data.

    For example: take these reports...

    Debtors by amount owed (total: 12)
    Debtors by Aging periods (total: 9)
    Total Owed per Customer (total: 10)
    Total by Aging periods (total: 12)

    they give me different total and I can't understand why.
    Please, let me know Witcha re the difference between reports: maybe, they consider different kind of invoices (Statur REAL or DRAFT).

    Bye bye.


  • berniberniberniberni November 2012

    Just to be undertood... The number i posted are examples, but they are real.
    They are shrinked and rounded: x1000 gives the real value.