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Template edits
  • enriqueenrique November 2012

    Is there a way to see a generated invoice in html, just before the pdf export, to make edits on the template html code and make live CSS edits to help to create a new template?

    Also my logo is not appearing in the exported PDF, so I fell I´m working blindfolded

  • mattmatt November 2012

    This will fix the logo missing issue -

    No, I don't believe that you edit the css on the fly

    Outback Australia
  • enriqueenrique November 2012

    Ok, that´s a shame. I think HTML pdf preview is a must have.

  • ephetersonepheterson November 2012

    Hey Enrique, the print preview link is essentially the HTML PDF preview. It's just that the PDF creator is a little finicky and there can be issues converting. What you're asking for does exist, but they don't always look the same (fonts, css, etc...), although the should be very similar. Your logo image issue is a server-side setting which SimpleInvoices cannot control, following Matt's link will allow the PDF converter to load both your image and the css file.

  • enriqueenrique November 2012

    Ok, I will try that.