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Invoice starting with ZERO
  • savekovsavekov January 2013

    Hi all,

    I see that a lot has been written here on the invoice topic but I am not able to find any post regarding invoices starting with zeroes. Can anyone advice me how can I make the invoice starts with Zeroes and also be visible as Zeroes in the web page?

    I at the end I need to print invoice which has number for example : 0000001234.

    I am not able to do that right now. If I correct the tables in mysql as mentioned in many of the posts here and create a new invoice ..the zeroes get removed and leaving only the 1234.

    Let me know please if you already have some solution for me or some guide.


  • savekovsavekov January 2013

    anyone ?

  • mattmatt January 2013

    I think that in your invoice template you need to change the invoice number to a string and then pad it out with leading zeros.

    Outback Australia
  • savekovsavekov January 2013

    can you be more exact? thank you for your reply I really enjoy this tool but I want to fix this otherwise everything else is perfect for me