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  • accutekaccutek January 2013


    The really great thing about Simple Invoices is that it is SO simple to use.

    But not to modify (for me yet, anyway)...

    Please help me change the Statement of Invoices report as follows:

    1. Remove Biller from the invoice lines

    2. Remove Customer from the invoice lines

    3. Insert custom field - Invoice :: Custom field 1 (called 'Invoice brief description' by me) into the invoice lines

    4. Insert custom field - Invoice :: Custom field 2 (called 'Account Executive' by me) into the invoice lines

    5. Print a statements for a range of customers or for all customers for a given biller.

    Thank you in advance

    Chris (cneeds at home dot co dot bw)

  • accutekaccutek January 2013


  • GetSiriusGetSirius February 2013

    New to SI (second day with the system) and I want to remove Biller and add a custom field, in my case "Website." I am the only biller so that is not needed. Having the additional info "Website" will help me find customers in the list.

    If anyone can help with this it would be appreciated!

    I found I can at least narrow the Biller column and get it out of the way by adjusting the column widths:
    1. Backup and edit file: modules/invoices/manage.js.php
    2. Change width percentage in lines 31-38 (in my installation) - Total of all widths should equal 100%