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Accessing api-cron gives me 404 in version 2012-1-CIS3000
  • dosmandosman January 2013

    I've been attempting to get recurrence working and hitting a wall, I get a 404 when I manually call api-cron with wget from the command line. I am attempting to call it like this (for eventual use in cron):

    wget ""

    I'm running SimpleInvoices on my own Linux system and I have the .htaccess file in place (with mod-rewrite enabled). I'm not clear on where mod-rewrite is actually doing anything for "api-cron", grepping all the source finds no reference to this. Has this just changed in version 2012-1-CIS3000? Perhaps I'm just missing something...


  • dosmandosman January 2013

    I was able to work around the problem. I'm using SSL so I suspect that's why my .htaccess wasn't getting picked up. I saw that I needed "AllowOverride All" for my vhost directory but somehow that wasn't working. Rather than mess with rewrite rules I finally realized I could just call the url natively:

    I looked at the Github API spec and it doesn't actually mention anything about this, would have saved me about 2 hours of futzing if it would have:

    But anyway thanks for making Simple Invoices available, I know it's a work in progress.