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product quantity with invoices 'real' and 'draft'
  • ThomasMThomasM January 2013

    Hello everyone,
    SI is a perfect program to use for invoicing and for stock but i have 1 little problem.
    I am an electricien so i would like to use the inventory aswell.
    I have made a invoice with 'draft' status for making a offer for the people that they know what it will cost.
    And i have a invoice with 'real' status for the real invoice if the job is done and the people needs to pay :-)

    Buth now the problem is, if i put all my products in my inventory and select the products at my 'draft' invoice for the job, they also go negative at the inventory.
    It only needs to go negative with the 'real' invoices where the jobs are really done.

    Sorry about my bad english, i hope you understand the problem.


  • navinnavin January 2013


    Another issue with setting the "Draft" setting is that Draft Estimates/Quotes/Invoices still shows up as a line item owing when generating a statement for the Customer.

    I posted in this thread because the solution may be similar. If not then I can create a new discussion.

    SI is an excellent system for invoicing, estimates, payments and should also be for statements.