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Excessive time to perform functions
  • dmcoledmcole February 2013

    I believe I am using SimpleInvoices v2011.1, which is running on a Macintosh OS X, 10.6.8-based server using Apache 2.2.14 and PHP 5.3.2 with MySQL 5.0.86 on a remote, in-network server. It is a lightly used server and MySQL is lightly used as well.

    I have been using the application since March 2011 and it is used to create about 50-60 invoices every other month. In the database, there are 508 total invoices issued, 630 invoice items and 434 payments.

    Starting last summer SimpleInvoices became sluggish. The user who handles invoicing started complaining that it took a minute or so to email out each invoice. In the fall, he said that increased to two minutes. Yesterday, when he ran the invoices, it took three minutes to mail out each invoice.

    It now takes two minutes to display the default "invoices" screen after you sign on.

    Once this screen is displayed, other screens -- like payments or sales reports or products -- display quickly.

    I gave the stats in the DB above and nothing looks out of line -- the entire DB is 346.3 kilobytes and there are only 1990 records in the entire thing. I dumped it out via phpMyAdmin and it looks fine. I can query the DB via MyAdmin and it responds quickly.

    Any ideas as to why this is happening? The invoice guy says he's going to quit if I don't fix this, so I need some answers pretty quick.



  • mattmatt February 2013

    My only thought for a temporary 'fix' is to remove all paid invoices form the database.

    I'd copy the database first though so that you can go back to it. Not much of a solution I know, but seems a common theme for SI when the database starts to increase in size.

    There must be a way to optimise, but I am unsure how. I know that Microsoft produce an optimisation tool for their databases, and just googling no I see some for MySQL, but I have no idea how to utilise the findings...

    Good luck.

    Outback Australia
  • dmcoledmcole February 2013


    The invoice guy is extremely unhappy with the thought that the history of the invoices may be lost.

    If I don't get a solution within the next week or so, I guess I'm going to have to abandon SI and move to something else.


  • PapiMigasPapiMigas February 2013

    Hey, try this:

    to optimize all databases:
    mysqlcheck -op -u root –all-databases

    The ‘o’ refers to optimize. And the ‘p’ is the option for password requirement. You’ll be prompted for the password. You can also use option ‘r’ to repair.

    Good luck!