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Groups of product included in one product
  • massimomassimo February 2013

    Hi everybody. Let's see if we can do that.
    I need to group products.
    I explain:
    let's say I sell a green box. I have in stock 3 green box, I sell 1 green box so when I issue the invoice my stock will automatically decrees of 1. This is OK, it works like this already.
    Now let's say I sell a "special green box" that is another article with another code. The special green box consist in 1 green box, 1 small plastic ball inside the box and 1 pencil inside the box.
    So, when I sell the "special green box" I would like my stock automatically decrees of:
    1 green box;
    1 small plastic ball;
    1 pencil.
    Is it possible?
    Any suggestion?
    Thank you very much, bye.