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Dates on Reports
  • January 1970 Edit


    Can anyone tell if it's possible to get a date period (eg: First Invoice Date - Last Invoice Date) onto reports.

    If so what would the code be?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • justinjustin March 2008

    Hey Chris,

    do you mean being able to select a specific date range to run reports by?
    - ie start of 08 tax year to end of 08 tax year etc..

    or just print some stuff on the reports?


    Justin :: Simple Invoices hosting | :: Simple Invoices custom development |
  • seesawseesaw April 2008

    I want to be able to customise a report to show invoices for a selectable date range, or if the selectable range can't be done, just add the dates to the report template.

  • justinjustin April 2008

    hey chris

    with a little php and sql this would be possible

    just need to mod the reports to accept date range and create a date range selector

    its a feature i would like to see - just havent looked into it


    justin :: Simple Invoices hosting | :: Simple Invoices custom development |
  • I second that..... it would be a very nice feature, and would eliminate the need for monthly, quarterly and yearly fixed reports.

    pleaseeeeeeeee :-)

    BTW you have a very good thing going here...... keep up the good work :-)

  • justinjustin February 2010

    hey guys

    just added in a statement facility to Simple Invoices where you can select a date range and it prints all invoices for a selected client

    in the future i'll use this code to redo the existing reports to make them date selectable etc..

    this will be in Simple Invoices 2010.2


    justin :: Simple Invoices hosting | :: Simple Invoices custom development |
  • richtlrichtl June 2011

    Nice. Now, can we do the same thing so I can get a report of *all* customers' invoices over a given date range?

    Just switched to SI. Seems pretty-darned nice!


  • dickidicki November 2012

    Hi Richtl,

    Did you find out how to do this?
    getting a report of *all* customers? that is where i am looking for as wel.

    Thanks anyway for the hard work....

  • dickidicki November 2012

    At the moment i did hardcode the file:


    i did delete or place comment tags on line 48

    48: /*$invoice->customer = $customer_id;*/

    this way all the customers are places in the report.

    I know it is not a nice way but it works for now.