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Attach a file to Invoice or Payment?
  • MaxHedrmMaxHedrm January 2009

    It would be great to be able to upload a file to attach to a payment or invoice. For payments being able to attach a scan of a customer's check or a PDF of a paypal receipt or somesuch. To an invoice being able to attach a detailed service description could be handy, especially if this could be forwarded in the invoice email as well.


    Scott Cook

  • justinjustin January 2009

    hey scott

    thats an interesting idea - i like the possiblity of attachments in payments

    i've added this idea into our 'dreamtime' roadmap :


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  • leolocoleoloco December 2012


    Was this ever implemented? This would be nice to have feature. I am thinking of giving access to billers to create and upload invoice detail.